Purpose of the ChildFund

The mission of Christina Children's Fund is simple and clear. The main aim of the organization is to enable deprived and excluded children living in poverty to become responsible young adults, parents and possible leaders of tomorrow. This, they believe can bring a lasting change to the community. Along with this, the organization also has an objective of promoting societies that value and protect their children.

The organization believes that all children deserve a positive environment that is filled with hope, respect and understanding. They believe that poverty is a personal experience that a child carries with him or her, and that it can only take a global effort and a collaborative one at that to challenge and obliterate the issues of poverty. The organization believes in operating with utmost transparency and feel that they are accountable for all the funds that they receive.

Some of the values that bind ChildFund and the other collaborating organizations include the will to ensure positive outcomes for children by showing integrity and honesty of all resources. They believe in "upholding the respect and value of the individual" and "championing diversity of thought and experience".

ChildFund promises to deal fairly and honestly with the children, with the parents, with the donors, with the employees and the government too. They believe in giving the highest priority to the wellbeing of the children and look towards actions that will foster growth and development. The organization always upholds the dignity of the child and believes that significant socio economic change can be brought with these actions.

By being transparent about the manner in which the funds are deployed and by responding to the queries of the donors quickly, the organization believes that they are giving the donors the information that they rightfully deserve. ChildFund also complies with all legislative rules and regulations of every country that it operates in and cooperates while advocating for the Rights of Children.


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